Women 's Committee For Social Work Essay

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As of 2003, in the West Bank alone, there were about 38 officially registered women’s charitable organizations. These organizations included a wide variety of services such as child care, health and literacy programs, and self-reliance and vocational training programs. As the realization of the importance of women’s positions in the national struggle grew, several women’s committees were established in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The first was the Women’s Work Committee set up in Ramallah in 1978. This organization as created by a group of highly educated and politically motivated women. Its aim was to reach a large number of women and to mobilize them to join women’s and national movements. In 1982 the Palestine Women 's Committee and the Women 's Committee for Social Work were also created. The basic premise of these two committees were also to create awareness and bring more attention to the struggle for liberation. They generated social and political consciousness, provided assistance and resources for families of political prisoners, and were even active in the unionization of working women. It is apparent that women have contributed immensely to the Palestinian cause and it may seem that they obtain equal status with their male counterparts, however, as in every society that is not the case. The patriarchy that dominates the religious and social sphere also dominates the political sphere. Generally, the role of women in the movement is to support the male freedom…

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