Essay about Women 's Claim For Citizenship

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In today’s culture, it is not uncommon to find people arguing for the “equality” of women. This trend first became popular back in the 18th century, however its definition has changed as feminism has become more prominent in the modern western world. Scholars suggest that this paradigm shift originally came in three waves, starting in the 18th century and not reaching its end until the 1960’s. The revolutionary promise to realize the individual human rights of liberty, equality, and political participation has been the basis for women’s claim for citizenship in Western democracies since the eighteenth century” (Scott 1995, 1). Before the late 20th century, however, feminism was not a movement of its own; it came in conjunction with other movements. The fact that this movement could not stand on its own is a prime example of the deep rooted inequality between genders.
Over the course of recent centuries, women have been granted the right to vote, to serve in the military, and to be in political offices, but before the 18th century there was no equality between men and women. “While the words feminist and feminism are just over 130 years old as of 2014, the origins of French women’s struggles for different forms of equality with men are considerably older” (Pederson 2014, 664). Women would not have made it as far as they have today, as far as equality is concerned, if it weren’t for the movement that started it all in the 18th century.
The beginning of feminism, deemed…

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