Women 's Breast Cancer As A Source Of Suffering And Shame Essay

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Women perceived breast cancer as a source of suffering and shame for themselves and their loved ones. Having this stigma led all the women in this study to live in silence. Justifications of living hidden were varied from woman to another but the majority decided to hide their disease to protect themselves from pity feelings and negative comments. By becoming less social and limiting their friendship cycle.
I didn’t want from my extend family to know, I didn’t want from anybody to feel sorry for me. Because, some people didn’t know how to comfort you; I protected myself from words could hurt me (Ohoud).

She added:
You know, sometimes I’m telling my story with breast cancer to others but without saying that it was my story and I was the patient; just telling them that I knew a lady who had breast cancer and now she is alive and living her life normally but never say that it was me ! [Justifying] (Ohoud).

Anoud decided to be at home instead of meeting friends who were treating her differently during the chemotherapy period:
Can you believe, that some of them (friends) went out of the room because, they didn’t like to see me. I didn’t know, if they were scared or sorry for me and I never asked. That’s why I limited my relationship to my family and spent most of the time reading books instead of seeing people who feel sorry for me. You know, in our community there is a stigma linked to cancer and death. (Anoud).

Shahad planned to have the treatment abroad just because of…

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