Essay on Women 's Body And Body Image

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By. Bobbie Sheppard Ads today draw us into the television with enticing, edgy images depicting women and men in sexualizing roles. However, women are repeatedly used as sexual appeals to promote the good of a product, but is the aim really to promote the product or the idea of gender roles in society? Society promotes that women should be the one to stay home and take care of their husbands to please them, so they create a visual image for men as to how they should treat their woman and how their woman should appear. Advertising has developed sexualism against women by depicting the value of a woman 's body and body image rather than the effectiveness of promoting a product or good. The example ad I chose is promoting “Schneider” beer, as two beer glasses are formed to look like the lower backside of a woman. The ad also said, “It doesn’t matter what you see. What’s important is what it is. What’s important is the beer.” The image uses a dark background color to let the beer be the focal point of the ad, and “It doesn’t matter what you see. What’s important is what it is,” is the larger text focus while the rest is a smaller focus in the lower corner. Schneider beer uses beer glasses to form certain parts of a woman’s body, which adds a sexual appeal for men to buy the product. This can appear to men that women are a product of the market and if they buy Schneider beer then he can achieve a beautiful woman as a trophy. In the Schneider beer commercial, they use women…

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