Women 's Beauty Standard For Women Essay

1027 Words Jul 20th, 2015 null Page
While in the 18th century, the ideal of attractiveness was overweighed women with generous forms, nowadays the tendency switches towards the opposite, and encourages them to be skinny. We can therefore observe a change in beauty standard not only throughout time, but also evolving with respect to countries: giraffe women in Burma, foot binding practice in China. Back in France, I saw an advertisement that caught my attention: The Paco Rabanne Invictus fragrance for men advert, published in 2013, which seems to portray how a modern male should appear: strong, muscular, and heavily tattooed while women are perceived as relationship-oriented, and eye-candies: a lightweight drapery hides their private parts whilst revealing their forms. Thus, it reinforces gender stereotypes. As Buying Into Sexy points out sex sells, and people tend to be heavily exposed to adds as well as “music videos that feature plenty of sexual innuendo”. That is why humongous corporations “(create) a certain environment of images that we grow up in and that we become used to (in order to) shape what we know and what we understand about the world”, states Justin Lewis in Mickey Mouse Monopoly. Later on, it can further generate dangerous dieting that could end up by death. So, how is the ideology of masculinity represented throughout this ad? The warrior-esque man is physically desirable, and irresistible to women. It seems that the company wants to reproduce traditional stereotypes. Even though the…

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