Women 's Achievements During The Library Field Essay

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Long before Melvile Dewey came around and implemented his decimal system, personal library collections typically were curated and and managed to some degree by men. Considering that the form of public libraries that gave rise to the ones we have today, did not come into existence until the mid to late 19th century, it is surprising that women were allowed into these institutions. However, even from the birth of the field of librarianship, women had to assert their right to be there. In order to turn the spotlight and focus on women’s achievements in the library field, I will be targeting women from different time periods. These women include Mary Cutler Fairchild, Regina Andrews, Dorothy Porter Wesley, Henriette Avram, Marcia Bates, Carla Hayden. Each of these individuals has brought something new and needed to the forefront of librarianship from a new cataloging format to civil and intellectual rights and even new ways to think of catalog searches.
Without hearing the grievances voiced by Dewey’s female contemporaries, you would think that he was a champion for equal education and opportunities for both genders. His reasonings for pursuing women to join the library field was because he believed they would not cause trouble and would accept being subordinates. He also was known to be physically inappropriate with his female students and colleagues has he would squeeze them and even ask for pictures before hirings. But as most women do, they rose above this and became…

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