Essay on Women of Frankenstein

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The Women of Frankenstein
"When reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, one cannot help but notice that the women characters seem to have little substance compared to the male characters. This may have been caused by the time period in which she wrote: one in which females was considered to be inferior to males. There are many factors in this novel which contribute to the portrayal of feminism. The three points which contribute greatly are, the female characters are there only to reflect the male characters, women are seen as possessions for men to protect, and finally women in the novel are portrayed as stereotypical women in that time period. Mary Shelley 's novel portrays feminist qualities, and is a feminist novel. Firstly, the female
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Withstanding their purity and passivity is difficult but not as much as anticipating, then witnessing, their utter demise without an inkling of the will to power on their part. All, without exception, stood in need of empowerment. If we look closely at Mary 's novel, however, we recognize her genius, even if it is more accurately considered her unconscious intuition, that the women and men of Frankenstein are separated from each

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