Women of Afghanistan Essay

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Women of Afghanistan

ANT 101

May 3, 2010

Women of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a very rugged country with various ethnic, religious, and tribal groups (http://www.iiav.nl). It is also a country that is rich in culture and tradition. But very little is known about the women that live in Afghanistan. No one really knows or understands how a women’s day to day life is. In Afghanistan most women are kept hidden away in their home and they are not allowed outside. Today the only thing that people hear or know about Afghanistan is that the United States is at war with a country that has known very little peace over that last one hundred years.
Afghanistan is a place where time stands still and very little changes. One of the
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During the reign of Amanullah in 1923, he introduced rapid reforms to improve women’s lives and women’s position in the family (http://www.iiav.nl). He also companied against the veil and he encouraged continuing education for women in all of Afghanistan. Women in Amanullah’s family also participated in this reform. One of Amanullah’s sisters even formed an Organization for the Protection of Women (http://www.iiav.nl). Some of the women in Amanullah family also became government officials. Another of Amanullah’s sisters founded a hospital for women in Kabul.
One of the ways that Amanullah encouraged continuing education was by sending 15 young girls to Turkey for school (http://www.iiav.nl). He also encouraged women to participate in the building of their nation. In 1926 Amanullah’s sister Soraya stated in a public speech that women should do their part for their country by gaining knowledge (http://www.iiav.nl). Amanullah goal was to bring his country out of poverty and improve the lives of all of his people. His attempt to change his country was great but it was unsuccessful (http://www.iiav.nl).
In the 1928 tribal leaders of the rural areas around Kabul protested against the freedom of women after Amanullah tried to abolish bride price (http://www.iiav.nl). This met that the women would be able to choose who and when they wanted to marry. This angered many fathers of young women because this met that they could lose valuable social status and

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