Essay about Women Who Get Mistreated By Men

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Women who get mistreated by Men
These women from the book Women Hollering Creek, were abused and taken advantage of their own men. Sandra Cisneros explores the stories “Never marry a Mexican”, Woman Hollering Creek”, and “One holy night” in the book. The women in these stories made a mistake by being with the wrong men in their life. They became careless when they met their own men. These girls have lost their respect for themselves. They have destroyed their own self, for the guy who never really loves them. All in all no one stood up for their rights as a woman. Love and hate made these women vulnerable.
The woman from Never Marry a Mexican is a woman who helped men cheat on their own wife. She was a woman who is having fun ruining the other people’s life. She would never marry a Mexican. “ I’ll never marry. Not any man. I’ve known men intimately. I’ve witnessed their infidelities, and I’ve helped them do it” (68), the Narrator narrated. Marrying a man doesn’t matter to her, it wasn’t important to her. She had seen it through her own eyes, how a man would cheat on his own wife. For her, these men taught her that a man can never stay loyal to his wife. Men will cheat for as long as they wanted to. “ I was the one who convinced you to let him be born. Did you tell him, while his mother lay on her back laboring his birth, I lay in his mother’s bed making love to you”(75), described by the narrator. He whom she sleeps with doesn’t his own child to be born since he cheated…

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