Essay on Women Were The Fight For Reproductive Rights

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Throughout history, society has looked at the role of woman with a domestic and submissive perspective. Women were the property of men, and were there to pleasure him, bear his children, and relieve him of the domestic duties. Throughout time the role of women in society has evolved; however, women still struggle to have full control of their own bodies. As Adrienne Rich said (Of Women Born):"Women are controlled by lashing us to our bodies." The theme of women being lashed to their bodies has been evident in America from the 1800’s until the 1970’s, as women have fought to gain the right to their own bodies and is still evident today as women continue to battle against patriarchal control of their bodies by the government and media. In the past, women have had to work against society and the government to gain the rights to their own bodies. One of the first movements powered by women was the fight for reproductive rights led by Margaret Sanger in the 1920’s through the 60’s. Originally, the men were responsible for providing birth control, with methods such as using a condom, or pulling out. In the event that a woman should become pregnant, it became her job to take responsibility for the baby. A woman’s inability to control her body limited her choices in life and her sexual freedom. During the late 1800’s and through the late 1900’s, the Comstock Act made it illegal to discuss such an obscene matter as contraception publicly. Margaret Sanger, however, believed that…

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