Essay on Women Should Be Treated Equally as Men

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WHY WOMEN SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY WITH MEN If we look back throughout history, women have been treated as a minority everywhere. There have not been many female leaders that have overcome the equality between men and women and made great strides towards different areas such as political, sports and education. In the Bible, Galations 3:28 says “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one is Christ Jesus.”. This makes it clear that at everybody and everything is equal, at least in the eyes of God. Unfortunately, there is still a margin of inequality between the sexes today and so the revolution continues. Over the generations, women have always been confined to the perimeters of their …show more content…
But even when women can get a line job, it is not likely to be "in a crucial part of the business" or the type of job that can "mark them as leaders." (quoted from : ). Women are not considered to be policy makers and more than often relegated to parts of business that keeps them out of the boardroom thus nulling any chances of them becoming CEOs or COOS of their companies. Besides glass ceiling, mommy track is also contributing factor as to why women are not considered for top positions in their companies. Mommy track is defined as a career path determined by work arrangements offering mothers certain benefits, such as flexible hours, but usually providing them with fewer opportunities for advancement. Women who are in the mommy track situation more than often take themselves out of the running, settling for lower-level positions with more predictable hours and less responsibility. Everyday women are subjects of some sort of abuse – domestic abuse in their homes and objects of sexual harassment in their workplaces. Even in these modern days, we still hear and read stories of women beaten by their husbands or slayed for honor killings. A woman that has been considered to have brought shame to the family is deemed not worthy of living. They are abused, tortured and killed by their husbands, their

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