Women Should Be Independent And Strong Essay

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Woman are not meant to be independent and strong, they should always be under a mans wing and never think for themselves. Women are now proving that train of thought wrong. They are starting to rise and show that they deserve to be treated like a man they do hard work to and they can keep up with can keep up with the boys so they should be treated all equally.
It was hard to be a women back in days and let me tell you it still is, it may not be as hard but women still have to put up with a lot. “I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who could run her own life - and I became that woman”. Women started to show that they were actually very intellectual and they can do whatever they want if they really put their minds to it. For instance Karen Horney was the first women to present a feminine psychology at an international meeting. Horney wrote about a fourteen page paper showing that she put her hard work into it. Horney was a determined women that made sure that people knew exactly what they needed to know. She took over two years to write her paper and make sure that is was perfected to her best of ability. The regions did have an affect with the way women were supposed to do anything if so they were even allowed to do.
Women in different regions do not get treated the same as in some of the other regions. Certain regions would say “women and men are equal” while the others would be saying “women should be treated equally but they…

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