Women Rights In Saudi Arabia

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Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia The women of Saudi Arabia, and the surrounding countries, struggle with discrimination issues as well as retaining their rights. Historically, this is one of the oldest issues that is still ongoing. One of the main reasons women in the Middle East are treated poorly is because their culture does not view their rights as human rights; rather, they separate women’s rights or do not recognize them altogether. Women face discrimination in the Middle East more than anywhere else. The lack of education coupled with issues of poverty are two of the primary reasons why women face discrimination.
Some people commit crimes against women in the name of the Islamic religion. However, the Qur 'an, the book of the Islamic
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Families tend to kill people who bring shame to their families. Women suffers from this issue daily because females are not supposed to perform dishonorable acts that could, in the eyes of the men, bring shame to their families. Although there are many ways to bring shame to your family, the issue of one engaging in sexual activities before marriage garners the most attention. Sadly, Saudi Arabian women are executed by their families due to perceived shame and dishonor. The numbers are estimated to be approximately five thousand per year according to the United Nations. Honor killing are most likely to be a cultural value of the community. Because of this, there are no laws that protect women from honor killing. The United Nation states that they are trying to solve this issue by making people guilty for honor-killing and send them to jail. The local legal systems of many other countries make the people guilty of honor killings from judicial punishment. People would not commit honor killings if there was retribution. Strong deterrence would eventually lead to a discontinuation of the killings. However, since it is considered a part of the culture it would be difficult to enact laws which go against traditions. This miserable act had and will never be positive and it is a serious issue that we need to figure out a solution for …show more content…
There are not any legal marriages laws in Saudi Arabia. Not only that, but they think there is nothing wrong with child marriages. According to the article of BreitBart “The Ministry is studying a draft law to regulate the marriage of teenage girls…the marriage of under-age girls in the country is not a phenomenon yet as some claim… those who say this are wrong” (“Saudi Arabia”). When confronted, their Shaikh replied with “We are considering regulations in line with the Islamic Shariah to govern this kind of marriage” (“Saudi Arabia”). As you can see, when they say there is nothing wrong with marrying young girl, that shows how the women in the society are struggling with their rights. Because of that, people need to change their mentalities and fix it so they can accept the women as a part of the society and realize the importance of

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