Women On The American Home Front Essay

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Women on the American Home Front: A Look at the Changing
Lifestyles and Varying Roles of Women During World War II
Although wars fought by the United States have seen significant contributions from American women, many scholars regard World War II as a liberating war for women on the home front, as it marked the first time in history that the government started a formal recruitment of females to join the workforce and do their part at home (Kaufman, 2002).
Frankie Cooper, a crane operator who worked for American Steel, is quoted as saying, “During the war the morale inside the plants was extremely high. Not just myself, but everybody, gave everything they had. They wanted to do it […] You were all pulling together for one great wat effort” (as cited in Kaufman, 2002, p. 29). Patriotism was strong on the home front during the war, inspiring women to step outside their comfort zones and do what they could to ensure victory over those who were considered enemies of the United States. American women on the home front during World War II faced changing demands in various facets of life including the workforce, home keeping, and civil defense.
Women in Industry and Manufacturing More than sixteen million men served in the military during World War II, creating a surplus of positions available for women who were on the home front. Open positions in the fields of shipbuilding, munitions, manufacturing, and transportation resulted in a women 's labor force growth exceeding fifty…

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