Women Of The World Is Top Priority And Is The Sole Reason Of Their Existence

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Majority of women in the world believe that being that “ideal beauty” of what the world considers beautiful is top priority and is the sole reason of their existence. Women are given certain roles and expectations from the media. The true identity of a woman seems to have been lost. With that, many women are not even aware of what their identities and true purpose is. Instead of honoring a women of her individuality, her purpose and strengths, she is brained washed that a certain beauty is the most important objective to life. Women are persuaded and lured to putting their looks as main priority for living. They are persuaded by media sources like bill boards, television, magazines, social media and more. Women are more than just a beauty, they’re an important figure the world cannot survive without. A women is life baring, she is nurturing, strong, and smart. Without women the world wouldn’t be stable. The media shouldn’t portray women as beauty objects, instead the media should portray women of having morals, characteristics and true purpose.

Having morals is having and showing respect for the body, mind, soul, and having self -worth. Mass media now shows a woman’s worth as beauty being the most important. It portrays beauty as being self-worth. The media persuades women to do cosmetic and plastic surgery in the hopes of what she believes is her true worth. Samantha Brennan author of “Miss Piggy’s Feminism” describes just how media sculpts a women’s mind to believing an…

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