Essay on Women Of The Victorian Age

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Society in the Victorian Age did not see that it was necessary for women to have an education. The only source of education for women was often found in wealthier people who could hire governess to teach, but still the education that was being taught was usually about manners and responsibility. Women were still thought of as the underdog to men. In 1850 education began to pick up for women. As it is stated by Wukovits (2013), "North London Collegiate School was the first to operate for girls, and within twenty years more such places appeared in other cities, including schools that offered courses in nursing and technology” (p. 65) There were still some schools during this time that were offered to women, but they were still prejudice toward women.
In the Victorian era, there were often two separate spheres that are referred to and they were the women 's sphere and men 's sphere, also known as the domestic sphere. The women managed the private sphere or the home, and the men went out into the public sphere to work. The different spheres were a big part of society in this part of the Victorian age. Women in the private sphere allowed history to see that women were discriminated against in this era. Discrimination toward women makes their accomplishments and fight for rights even more remarkable. The other side, the public sphere, shows how men have always had it easier than women. They were given the rights to go outside of the home to work, and they had more…

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