Essay on Women Of The United States

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Imagine that even before a child is born, they are given a percentage that determines their potential for the rest of their lives. Such an abstract concept occurs daily in the United States and is determined through a simple sonogram. Simply being born a female means that one will make less than the average man does for the same task, despite getting a better education. Not only will men have a greater salary in their workplace, but they are more likely to become promoted to a new or higher position than their female counterparts. This injustice is found throughout the entirety of the patriarchal society of the United States, where a man is deemed as the dominant of the two genders. All around the United States, women are being presented as inferior to men in all aspects of life, particularly in the workplace and in education, where men earn more, have more job opportunities, and are generally seen as more intelligent and successful. This strong masculine bias causes women to become deemed as less capable for certain tasks, simply because they are a better fit for a man.
It may seem that there is no real difference between what a man and a woman can do. Gender is an odd method of determining the potential of a person, and should not impact their success in any way. In fact, “Potential gender differences in the performance (i.e. time to finish a task and/or accuracy) of multitasking suggests that there is no clear pattern of gender differences” (Szameitat 3). Szameitat…

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