Women Of The Peace Building Process Essay

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Including women in separate facilitated meetings allows freedom of though and expression among women, that might otherwise be silenced if the discussion is integrated with men. Women have the capacity for both violence and peace, and therefore are just as culpable for the conflict and its resolution. Women are often excluded from public opportunities and decision making, therefore it is important to empower them to be involved in the peace building process (Schirch 2004, 9). Women, like men, can fill many roles within conflict and peacebuilding. Women are equally capable of conflict resolution skills. The purpose of this step is to ensure women are taught the skills of communication, dialogue, negotiation, and mediation (Schirch 2004, 9). The first step in empowering women to embrace the roles of waging conflict nonviolently, reducing violence, healing trauma, transforming conflict, and peace building is to understand what it means to be a woman and the
Empowering women in Sri Lanka is necessary and essential, women are active members of the military and the militant opposition group LTTE. Additionally, women in Sri Lanka are the center of the household, influencing family members and neighbors. Based on my experience it is typical for Sinhalese women in a neighborhood to socialize daily. By using this opportunity to get women together to socialize, Sarvodaya can imbed facilitators to lead discussions on gender and conflict. The first step is to brainstorm what identity…

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