Women Of The Middle East Essay

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In life there is one thing that remains constant and that is change. This commonly used phrase is a way to describe the evolution of women all over the world. For years women have been responsible for bearing children, taking care of their households, and their husbands. Women in certain regions have overcome these circumstances, which has caused many to pursue a career or even a higher education. Unfortunately, women in the Middle East did not fully overcome of being secluded to one particular role. In the Middle Eastern region of the world there should be more empowerment of women than there are regulations that cause the exclusion of women. Segregation against women is an issue that is least expected but, in many places around the world segregation still exist. People are not aware that these problems still exist in the country of Israel. This is a society where men and women are on two different spectrums. Everyone in the society of Israel should be treated equally. Michal L. Allon is a professor at Tel Aviv University, he explains his findings on Middle Eastern society at the Middle East Dialogue Conference in 2013. In Dr. Allon 's article of Trends in the status of Women Israel Allon describes how there are two separate ticket booths for the buses and trains. He also states there are separate lines in post offices and police stations for men and women. Women should have the same public privileges as men. To reduce the sex segregation, it would be to Israel’s…

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