Women Of The Islamic Faith Living Overseas Essay

2066 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Religion is a major part of people’s lives all around the world today. Religion means something different to each individual. Whether it’s an escape from reality, a reason to live, or simply the feeling of belonging to a community, religion has a significant influence over people and their actions. The Muslims in the Middle East are especially impressive when it comes to their devotion to Allah. But there is a question of one thing in regards to women of the Islamic faith living overseas. Does the religion of Islam help to reinforce female oppression, or does the Quran provide equal opportunities and rights for women, or perhaps a little bit of both. In my research I will examine the rights given to women by the Quran, the different interpretations and common misconceptions made by other cultures, as well as the roles of women in Islamic history. This paper argues that while it seems that women get a bad reputation in the Muslim community, there are both pros and cons to being a woman in this society. It’s hard to understand something that is unknown, which is why so many people have trouble understanding the practices and beliefs of Muslims. In many religions, women are the most important people in the community, having greater insight and intuition than that of men. In the Jewish faith, the woman is even considered to be more influential than the man in both her relationship and her family life. While the rights and roles of the women in Islam are a little…

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