Women Of The Field Of Psychology Essay

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Since its beginning, women have faced many challenges within the field of psychology. Psychology in its early years had been called inappropriate for women and the profession was highly dominated by men, where the sexist and misogynistic attitudes of society at the time were rampant and highly dominant within the profession. An example of such sexism can be seen with the banning of women from joining the powerful group of psychologists known as The Experimentalists, by the group’s leader Edward Titchener. Women had been banned since its inception in 1904 (Denmark, Paludi, 2008) and this policy “remained in effect until it was reorganized in 1929, after Titchener’s death.” (Denmark, Paludi, 2008) Another example of challenges faced by women within psychology, came with the experiences of psychologist Naomi Weisstein. A student of Harvard University, she brought to light that she was “not allowed access to the equipment she needed to conduct her doctoral research; she was told that, as a woman, she would surely break it.” (Pickren, Rutherford, 2010)
The above examples are just a small insight into the challenges faced by female psychologists, and within this essay, three women who have contributed greatly to psychology, many of these women who had to struggle to be taken seriously by the academic community, purely due to their gender, have been chosen for investigation. The struggle that these women faced will be explored in greater detail, as well as the impact that their…

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