Women Of The Beauty Industry Essay

1189 Words Oct 9th, 2015 5 Pages
Magazines, commercials, billboards, and ads of the beauty industry all have a common appearance to them. They include a beautiful woman, one that women everywhere envy. Some feel they need to look like this to be beautiful at all. Some women turn to makeup, and even plastic surgery to totally transform their face and body. But in reality each of the women in commercials or other advertisement aids have been transformed by a makeup artist and some by a doctor or plastic surgeon but almost all have been changed by a computer. In today’s society the beauty industry shows a contorted version of “beautiful” that some people feel they need to match to achieve beauty.
Nowadays, it’s no trouble to find beauty products. They can be picked up in almost any local store, ordered online or out of a magazine and even by calling that number shown in makeup commercials. All of these products promise the same thing, that anyone can completely transform themselves to look like the women shown on their labels using only their products. But that’s not true. Not only is that woman wearing an excessive amount of makeup that was most likely put on by a professional with lots of training, her image has been altered on a photoshop system to make her features seem more proportionate, desireable, and all around beautiful. Sure there are some companies that don’t go to those extremes, but most of them do. “We completely remove veins and freckles and moles and bags under the eyes all the…

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