Women Of Color By Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Frances Willard Essay

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Many famous feminists have been racist. Some, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frances Willard, spoke out against the fact that “degraded black men” could vote, but white women could not. Women of color have endured racism from White Feminists, even being made to walk in the back at feminist marches. In the 1980s, women of color eventually began the womanist and mujerista movements because they did not have a place in mainstream Feminism. Brittney Cooper, a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University, explains the difference between white feminists and feminists of color, saying, "One kind of feminism focuses on the policies that will help women integrate fully into the existing American system. The other recognizes the fundamental flaws in the system and seeks its complete and total transformation.”1 White Feminism as a movement disproportionately marginalizes and oppresses women of color because their voices have historically been excluded from the White Feminist dialogue and misrepresented in the fight for supposed equality.
The First Wave of feminism began in the early 19th century. The abolitionist movement was in full swing, and supporters fought for equality alongside the anti-slavery and anti-racism movements. However, many First Wave supporters abandoned their anti-racism stance after the Civil War ended and slaves were granted freedom. As a result, feminism became largely focused on the views held by white women who were…

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