Women Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in The Life of a Slave Girl illustrates the reality of the slave era in America and the remnants of it in present day: Black girl 's and women’s lives are fraught with exploitation and loss of innocence at a young age. Jacobs 's introductory pages lay out her desire to arouse the empathy of women of the North and force them to acknowledge the constant sexual abuse millions of black girls and women in the South suffered and would inspire other proto-feminist works such as W.E.B Du Bois 's "The Damnation of Women," one of the earliest essays by a black male intellectual to argue that women should have a right to control their own bodies and reproductive choices. In recent years, scholars Ann Taves and Geneva Cobb Moore have provided great insight on the psychological impact of sexual exploitation on Black women. As Jacobs 's Incidents made clear more than 150 years ago, the legacy of slavery lead to the survivors ' lack self-respect and self-worth as the remnants of chattel laws continue to prevent the legal marriages or families in black communities. These effects ultimately prevented Blacks from accessing the cultural mores of the 19th century.
In Incidents Jacobs divulged that slave owners took advantage of the slave woman’s naivety and lack of security. The sexual precarity, or impulsive nature of the abuse was psychological warfare “Masters and slaves often engaged in a contest of wills. This was observed in Incidents with the behavior of Dr.…

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