Essay on Women Of A Female League Soccer Team

1086 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Throughout my life, I was a part of a female league soccer team. I have seen myself as an aggressive and competitive player and have always wanted to be a part of the male team. I use to always want to play on a co-ed team, where both men and women compete with each other, but society expects males and females to fulfill specific gender roles and stereotypes. This is a culture shock for me because society expects males to be athletic, independent, and strong, whereas females are expected to be obedient, quiet, and attractive nurturers. Gender inequality, a unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender, is still a major conflict in today’s society but it is to a lesser extent than how it use to be. People are more accepting with the differences and the factors affecting gender roles, especially female athletes. They are starting to establish themselves in the world of sports. Their ability to challenge sexist barriers is apparent through their increased involvement in sports, although, female stereotypes continue to happen. In this essay, I use ethnography to study the cultural relativism of male and female sports. Male sports are more popular than female because of stereotypes in American society. The male soccer teams get more recognition than the women’s soccer teams, creating stereotypes and inequality for women. For example, Soccer is known to be the biggest global sport, especially when it is the World Cup season. Last year, they had an unfair disparity…

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