Women, Islamic, And Saudi Arabian Women Essay

1822 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
The topic that stood out to me the most would be the impact of ethnicity amongst women. It is amazing how much being a woman and being part of a certain ethnicity can have such an impact on a woman’s life. It is already hard enough for woman to been seen as equal, just imagine what it is like being a woman of a particular ethnicity. The two articles that we discussed in class are about Filipino, Islamic, and Saudi Arabian women. Filipino, Islamic, and Saudi Arabian women share some things in common when it comes to their everyday lives and cultures. Within the Philippine culture, men and women have very different duties in life. Men are supposed to be the worker of the house and the women stay in and take care of the family. The article states, “a large part of stressing ethnic identity amounts to burdening women with increased responsibilities for preparing special foods, planning rituals, and enforcing ethnic socialization of children” (Espiritu, p. 11). This shows that Filipino women have so much pressure of making sure her family has everything they need in life. Without the Filipino women of the household, the men would have no idea what ritual and traditions go on in their culture. Another thing that stood out in the article was, “she wants me to be the perfect housewife” (Espiritu, p. 11). This was a Filipino woman talking about what her mother wants her to be. There is no way for anyone to be the perfect housewife. Moreover, a woman should not have the…

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