Women In Police

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In this day in age, the number of women in law enforcement is incomparabile to the number of men in the field. Although the numbers are raising in comparison to previous years, they still have a long ways to go before becoming close to the same percentage of male police officers. My proposal is to increase the number of females in law enforcement.
In 1910, the first female officer was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department. Alice Stebbins Wells had started a petition to be considered to be hired by the LAPD. With the overwhelming support from her community, the Los Angeles Police Department had no reason not to hire her. Once hired, she was equipped with a telephone call box key, a first aid book and a police rule book. Unlike all other
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Recently the ideas of what a police officer should be has shifted over from having brute strength to seeking well rounded individuals. While physical fitness is still a large component of police work, police departments are looking for recruits who possess qualities such as having a good ethical character, problem solving and conflict resolution skills and those who have good communication skills. This recent switch is beneficial to females because these type of qualities can be found in either men or women.
Many studies have been done over the years that have shown how effective females can be in law enforcement. One study that was published was “The Future Of Women In Policing”. This study was published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The international Association of Chiefs of Police implemented a committee to cover the current status of females in law enforcement. This study showed that females are just as effective as males and in some scenarios are even more
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In Tab A, it shows that a woman 's communication, verbal and interpersonal skills as well as their ability to work with domestic violence and children are the tops areas that police departments feel women posses the most exceptional skills. Women are viewed as great communicators and are often better at speaking with victims than males are. Females approach situations differently than men do. Women are able to be more gentle and compassionate when speaking to others. This is extremely helpful when it comes to talking with female victims or children. Female officers help female victims and children to feel more comfortable which helps them open up and discuss the details of a crime. Victims of domestic violence that are female are often scared or feel threatened when speaking to a male officer because their gender is at most times the same as their abuser. Female officers are better at relating to their victims which helps them to help them and effectively do their

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