Essay On Women In The Story Of An Hour, By Kate Chopin

Views on women has changed through the years, but Kate Chopin focuses on the view of women in marriage. Women are portrayed as servants to their husbands. The three stories “The Story of an Hour”, “The Storm”, and “Desiree’s Baby” show how women rebelled against the constraints of marriage or gave in to it. They were to have no freedom or wishes. In two of the stories the woman rebelled and the other gave. One woman rebelled by death, another by an affair, and the last one submitted by being so deeply in love. In “The Story of an Hour” it talks about a woman in marriage wanting freedom to try to find herself. The woman, Mrs. Mallard, is having heart problems in her marriage which is represented with her having heart trouble “Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a Heart trouble”. She does not agree with the restrictions of being married .she believes that the end of marriage will set her free and give her the ability to follow her dreams. Hearing the news of her husband’s death is like a light to a new beginning “she looked upon it in that brief moment of illumination”. Also in the story Chopin uses symbolism to describe Mrs. Mallard’s opportunity toward freedom .The patches in the sky are the missing pieces in Mrs. Mallard life which limits her in the marriage. She can now live her life as she wishes and give herself an identity. This story showed …show more content…
Women were to have sexual relations with their husbands. The storm symbolizes the emotions of the affair and Alcee because they both arrived at the same time. While her husband and son are at the store the storms starts when the sexual tension rises by surprise between the two like the storm “she greatly and did not notice the approaching storm”. In society women had trouble discovering themselves but in this case the affair helped Calixta rediscover herself and realize what she and her husband

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