Essay on Women in Law Enforcement

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Throughout history there has always been an enormous obstacle for women to overcome in the workplace. Occupational Segregation has continuously acted as a force that impedes on the daily lives of female workers across the world. It not only eliminates several chances for women to capitalize on opportunistic events, but has also denied them of the basic civil rights they are entitled to. Jobs ranging from the military, sports, and even the corporate world have long been dominated by an aura of masculine characteristics. Why is our society structured in such an uncivilized way? Some women may not possess the "supposed" masculine attributes that are sought for in numerous industries, but in all honestly just as many men fail to meet those …show more content…
For the United Kingdom to move towards a more equal workforce these ideas of feminism need to be abolished. In addition, negative and discriminatory beliefs about gender differences can ultimately devastate the societal culture of any organization. "It is apparent that police culture is implicated in impeding the career progression of women. Studies to date limit our understanding of how this happens by assuming that the values which configure the police culture are more likely to reflect policemen's rather than policewomen's beliefs" (Dick, Pg. 3). The United Kingdom is currently trying to incorporate female ideals into its police culture to ensure a more fair and diverse working environment.

Why is the percentage of women in law enforcement not increasing at the rate which communities want it to? Several theories have been constructed that outline numerous beliefs about why this might be true. From physical agility testing, selection processes, to gender discrimination, these all may represent views as to why occupational segregation exists in police work.

The most significant theory as to why women might be oppressed against in police work relates to physical ability testing. The National Center for Women and Policing has recently conducted numerous surveys to determine if physical ability testing is related to a decreased

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