Women In Chaucer's The Wife Of Bath

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The Canterbury tales are a series of poem illustrating the stories of different pilgrims on their way to their pilgrimage to Canterbury. The tales are recorded by Chaucer, a person on the journey, who tells the traveler’s story through poetry. The tale of The Wife of Bath is told by a woman who explains in her prologue how she has been married five times and what she was seeking in each of her relationships. The wife of Bath tells a story about a knight seeking what women seek most dearly, she keeps on portraying men as dependent of women in a way or another. Through the use of characterization and dialogue in the poem, The Wife of Bath, the author depicts women as resourceful and dominant, thus emphasizing what Chaucer believes to be women’s …show more content…
In the tale the Knight has to receive judgement from the queen for having committed an act of rape. The queen is willing let the knight live under one condition as she states “I grant you life, if you can tell me, what thing women most desire? (Wife of Bath’s tale 48-49)” The queen is shown in this passage as having the complete power over the knight. And as her judgement the monarch decides to make him seek what women’s ultimate goal in life. This passage of the Wife of Bath’s tale shows that when women gain control over men they tend to take full advantage of them. Chaucer throughout the story uses the knight to reinforce his point of view upon women. Chaucer shows in this passage that when a man puts his life into a woman’s hands, she will abuse her power over this man in a way or …show more content…
And the way the knight phrased his answer make it seem like dominance over men is women’s ultimate goal in life. This quote makes women look as creatures who are thirsting for controlling men. Chaucer shows in this passage that it is women’s nature to control men as puppets, therefore emphasizing that women would take any opportunity that is given to them to trick men into what they want.
The Wife of Bath’s Tale is giving a negative depiction of women to emphasize the value of men during the medieval era to mistrust women. The author shows the manipulative nature of women, their abuse of power and “their true nature” to warn men from women. Chaucer’s way of telling the tale shows the sexist views that were held during his times that if men do not watch out and dominate women, these will find a way to control

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