Film Analysis: Wonder Woman

It is universally acknowledged that women empowerment is strong when women empower each other to best fit in the society. In Patty Jackson’s amazing movie Wonder Woman, Princess Diana protects herself and the people surrounding with her courage and martial art skills. Women in the modern world should be taught some sort of martial art for self protection. She was accompanied by an American Pilot Steve Trevor who protected and promised her to be with throughout their end goal. Best on the evidence is when Steve sacrifices his own life to protect Diana and her dream that was to be fulfilled.The movie is about Princess Diana played by Gal Gadot who lived in the Amazons where women only existed. She grew up seeing her mother played by Robin Wright …show more content…
Women with high qualifications gets treated more efficiently than women with lower class education. Education cannot not determine the ability of any person in fact that would only determine as small part of a character. Women empowerment should bring women who are able to show their potential to make a difference. Diana came from an isolated place like Amazon who was willing to end the wars of the world. She had lost her family because she wanted the future to be peaceful and calm. The changes could be seen in the present scenario where mothers work full time despite getting their household chores done. “Married men were also the most likely to be professionals or managers whereas it was highly unlikely for women, whether married or single” (Jiyeun Lee1 ,Sung-Yeon Park). If there is potential the women empowerment is just an idea because if a girl takes her own effort then these organization spread to help the isolated places in the world to spread the word. Privilege has to be spread equally among women. Highly privileged is just getting unequal treatment which does not make any difference having inequality. “some women will benefit more from empowerment than others.” (Green, Joanne Helen). Reality is different in most rural place because women in villages might not get the same consideration as women in urban areas because of the status issues. Empowering women should be equal in all means orelse women can be treated badly in village areas. “The negative effects of being a parent on employment and on holding a professional or managerial position were consistent for women and men” ( Jiyeun Lee, Sung-Yeon Park). In the movie Wonder Woman, Diana visits the border where many women and children are helpless because they belong to a lower class. She took the initiative to fight the war without listening to the army Generals. Diana is a role model to the women

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