Women During World War II Essay

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Today women are lawyers, doctors, surgeons, judges, and in the army. During World War II when men were in combat, they needed women to work in factories. Women had the chance to work, make money for themselves and control their money which usually men control the money. After World War II the work field changed forever, women are now working and today women are pursuing their dream careers. Due to World War II, the lives of women changed in three ways: being able to work in the army and be pilots, women standing up for themselves the get the same privileges as men, and women working from the homefront, feeling confident, and like they have a voice.
Pilot’s image is usually an image of a male pilot, but you don’t ever think of a women being a pilot. During World War II a woman, Jacqueline Cochran, helped women get involved in the war effort by setting up a program to train more women to fly military aircrafts. More than twenty thousand women applied to Cochran’s program. “...1,830 women were accepted, and 1,074 finished a 23 week training” (Howes). The first class of trainees graduated in 1943. Cochran said ““they were being given “the greatest opportunity ever offered women pilots anywhere in the world”(Howes). Cochran was right, in August of 1943 her group, now named Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), had an assignment to direct organizations. They got the chance to fly almost every plane you can think of, including a huge B-29 Superfortresses, Mustang, and…

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