Women During World War II Essay

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World War II took place from 1939-1945. It was a war in which women had to take on responsibilities that had previously been unavailable to them to compensate for the roles of men whilst they were away at war. The impact of World War II had repercussions for Australian society. The changing roles of women during World War II impacted upon both Australian women and men.
Prior to World War II women had an insignificant role within society and previous wars. The Second South African Anglo-Boer War can be considered Australia’s first major battle, 80 women went, compared with the 16,000 men. Sister Laney Lempriere wrote a firsthand experience of women’s roles within this war; “The sister has to go around with the surgeon, take his orders, pass the dressings – orderlies fetch and carry and clean up after the dressings. She has all anxiety and worry.” This is a reliable primary source as it is supported by many other sources such as the one written by the Australian Government. Her account demonstrates that women were expected to follow men’s orders without question or defiance. In World War I, women’s involvement in the war was very similar, insufficient and meticulously monitored, they were not permitted to take part in the firearms, or participate in any role other than medical assistance. “Australian women served in the Australian Army as nurses, and other medical workers” (Australian Government, 2008, p.27). This is reliable source as it was written by the Australian…

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