Essay on Women During World War II

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Even though women were viewed as the weaker of the two genders in Canadian Society during the 1940s, the variety of roles that they performed during World War II undeniably played an essential part in Canada’s victory. First of all, due to a large amount of men enlisting into the army during WW2, a massive number of women became responsible for helping to sustain the Canadian economy by working for various industries. Second of all, they were involved in the home front by contributing to the total war effort through any means possible. Third of all, for the first time in history Canadian women had their own designated army corps and they made tremendous contributions overseas . Therefore, even though many men lost their lives for Canada, Canadian women accredited for their vital role in the victory of the Allied Forces during the Second World War.
Although, women in the Home front did not directly influence the victory of the allied nations in WWII, they did help sustain the Canadian economy, which positively affected the outcome of the war in favour of the Allies. Firstly, with men enlisting into the army, women took over roles of men in local businesses and factories. “They built parts for ships and aircrafts and manufactured ammunition.”Since Germany had enhanced their air force and navy, it was very important to manufacture planes and ships in order for the allies to win. Thus, without Canadian women manufacturing such technology many battles and raids would have been…

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