Essay about Women During World War 2

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During World War 2 women played an important role, both at home and in the Armed Forces. For the first time women were working in the industries of America. As husbands and fathers, sons and brothers shipped out to fight in Europe and the Pacific, millions of women started working in factories, offices, and military bases. Many American women served in uniform, both at home and abroad, volunteering for the Navy Women’s Reserve (WAVES), the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS), the Army Nurses Corps, and other military institutions. Women in uniform not only took office and clerical jobs, but they also served near the front lines, drove trucks, flew military aircrafts, and repaired planes. After reading the interviews to some of the American women who experienced WW2, the four stories that gave me a better idea of how the war time really was for women were: "Life would never be the same again" by Breana Comiskey, "What did you do in the war, Grandma?" by Kathy O 'Grady, “War Sparks a More Active Role for Women” by Jodi Prochaska, and “A Woman in a "Man 's War" by Andy Smith.
In the interview "Life would never be the same again" by Breana Comiskey, Nancy Potter explains how everything changed after the declaration of war. Everybody was ready to somehow get involved in the war; even high school kids, like her, knew that not only men would be part of this war, but women would be too. It was surprising to me when she said that they had to squeeze all the college material in two…

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