Women During The Victorian Era Essay

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As the Victorian era progressed new work became available, male skilled labors were resistant to changes of new technology or work patterns. This opened the door for female workers to enter the workforce. In addition, this opportunity took work away from male workers, due to cheaper female labor rates (Hudson, 2011, Para. 4). Most women in the Victorian Age found work in the area of domestic service or in the textile and clothing industries. According to Professor Hudson, "domestic service of all kinds was the single largest employer of women (40 percent of female occupations stated in the census of 1851 in provincial cities and 50 percent in London). The textile and clothing sectors came a close second." Single women were not the only women to work in the Victorian Age. It was common for married women to work for wages. In the Victorian era, it was not uncommon for married women to work and continue to do much of the housework. Often women who did this were considered to be taking part in a double burden. Allowing women to take part in the workforce was a very huge step in the Victorian era. Women who took part in the workforce often wanted even more rights to eliminate discrimination (Hudson, 2011, Para. 9).
It is obvious that women in this era were deprived of their rights. When the women 's suffrage movement began, women started to fight for the rights that they wanted. The women 's suffrage movement was the center point in the changing of the Victorian…

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