Essay on Women During The United States

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23rd of January in 2013 was a historic day for women in the United States, because the Department of Defense lifted the ban that didn’t allow women to fight in combat. During the 2012-13 year, over 214,098 women were serving in illegally. On this day, they were finally allowed to serve in combat positions. After the 23rd of January 2013, the Department of Defense recognized the contributions that women have made to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have since realized that we don’t live in the same world. We don’t live in the world where women have to stay home, care for the babies, and cook dinner. We’re just as equal as men, and can do their jobs, 10x better. There has been controversy surrounding the Department of Defense’s lift on the ban. While women are happy that they can go to war for this country, there are men who are sickened by it, and even some women who think that the ban shouldn’t have been lifted. Even though the Department of Defense has uplifted the ban on women serving in combat roles, should they be allowed to, or should it be a men’s only occupation because it’s too dangerous?

Women should be allowed in the military because for hundreds of thousands of years, women had to stay home and take care of the babies, cook dinner and make sure everything was prepared and drama free for when the husband/breadwinner came home from work. But, women have been serving in the armed forces for as long as we can remember. The U.S. armed services would…

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