Women During The United States Essay

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There has been immense increase in the number of women working in the United States as compared to the past years. Most of the jobs were previously thought to be chiefly for the men folk and only a few women were allowed to work. Men in the same analogy made it clear that they were the only ones supposed to work and bring home the bread. However, this tenet has been disputed recently by the increment in the number of women working in higher offices. Women have been treated very unfair for many, many years throughout the workplace. Women today are almost as equal as men in the workplace, but it has taken lots of work to get there. In this paper, you will read about the beginning of when women started working, some of the key examples as to why women have been treated unfairly, and through today, how things have changed. Only after you read this paper, you will then see why women have fault so hard to be just as equal as men in the workplace.

Women have always been know to raise children and take care of the home and honestly that was their only job. Well, before they started working within the workforce with men, this is exactly how their lives were. They got married, had kids, and then raised the family. Raising the family consisted of cooking, cleaning, and doing whatever was necessary to ensure that the kids and their husband was taken care of. “Most families lived off of a single husband’s income, which was very challenging at times, especially for the middle-class…

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