Essay about Women During The Third Reich And The Holocaust

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Throughout this class, and other history classes I have taken, there has always been little to no mention of women and the specific roles they have played in the Holocaust compared to the plethora of information about men. For this paper, I am going to compare three different stories about the experiences of women during the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Each woman comes from a different background faced varying degrees of misfortune and terror throughout their lives in Nazi Germany. The first woman, Ilse Landau, was a Jew who went into hiding during the war. Second is Marta Hessler, who was neither a Jew or a Nazi, just an ordinary German citizen who knew little about the mass murder. Finally, I will discuss Ruth Hildenbrand, another ordinary German, but she had more knowledge of what was happening in the Holocaust. Ilse Landau was a German woman born in 1910 to a Jewish department store owner in the town of Düren. She later moved to Berlin in the 1930s. Ms Landau described her time in Düren as peaceful. She mentions the Germans being very nice to her and her family, they were invited over for holidays and everyone was very pleasant. All this changed when Hitler came to power. At first, it was only the elderly who took issue with the Jews. Those who held strong Catholic or Protestant beliefs especially. In 1938, her father was manipulated into selling his store to a Nazi. The young Nazi threatened to shoot the owner if it was not sold to his liking. After this, Ilse…

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