Women During The Renaissance Era Essay

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Women In The Renaissance
Throughout history, women have continuously been the victims of discrimination and sexism. During the Renaissance Era, which lasted from the fourteenth century to the sixteenth, things were no different. Although the Renaissance was supposed to be a time of “rebirth” and improvement in society,women did not experience these positive effects due to their treatment and society’s unfair expectations.
The Renaissance was a time of rebirth during the fall of the middle ages and the early dawn of the modern era. The Renaissance began during the fourteenth century in Italy(“What was the Renaissance”). The idea spread all through Europe. This was a time of social and cultural change in Europe. The Renaissance had a big effect on the art and literature. These fields mirrored Europe 's ancient past. Many great artists during the Renaissance tried to make their artwork more lifelike, while the middle age art work was more symbolic and religious(“What was the Renaissance”). The European population lacked education before the Renaissance because the influence of the Catholic Church. The educated were known as “Heretics”(“What was the Renaissance”). The “Heretics” would speak out against the Catholic Church and get severe punishment up until the Renaissance. Information became more accessible to the public with the invention of the printing press. The printing press had a big impact on education. Individuals started thinking more independant and experimenting…

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