Essay on Women During The Nineteenth Century

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Women in the nineteenth century lived in a time period where their lives were defined by gender. Men and women were always viewed differently in every aspect of their lives. At the beginning of the century, women were allowed just a few of the legal, social, or political rights that men were allowed to partake in that are now taken for granted. Women were not allowed to vote, sue someone or be sued, they could not vote, could not testify in a court case, they had limited control over personal property after they were married because their husbands took the roles of their fathers who used to have control of their property, and they rarely were granted custody over their children in the rare cases of divorce. Women were also not allowed to go to school for a higher education like men were. Women were expected to remain submissive to their fathers and husbands, no matter how these men in their lives treated them. They were also very limited in what they could do for a job or outside of the home. It was more typical for women of the lower class to work outside of the home as a slave or servant in a factory or mill, and these women were typically not married. However, women in the middle class had the job of a housewife where they would cook and clean for their husbands and children. In the work titled "Cassandra" by Florence Nightingale, she argues that the conception of women always being happy by being able to serve their husbands and children is inaccurate because women do…

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