Women During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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In Great Britain during the nineteenth century, there were significant developments and the widespread questioning of where women fit in English society. Women were facing the dilemma of challenging the privileges of more legal and political rights and the idea of more economic and social opportunities. The period also saw an enormous expansion of women evolving into the domestic sphere. During the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, women in Great Britain were influenced by her traditional views on the role of wife and mother and various debates concerning a woman’s place in society, and her opposing views of women having educational, economic and political opportunities in society as well. Queen Victoria believed that a woman’s proper place was in the home caring for her family. Upon Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne in 1837, the status of women, and domesticity plays a major role in the image of femininity, especially by the middle class in Victorian culture. In fact, Queen Victoria served as “a resource for the metaphor of middle-class women as ‘queens’, Victoria was no more of a free agent in authorizing or defining queenly powers than her subjects were in assuming them.” However, the metaphor was thought to define, Victorian women’s increasing powers, even though Queen Victoria’s own powers were constructed in imitation to those pursuing middle-class women. According to Coventry Patmore’s poem “The Angel in the House”, was a work that amalgamated this…

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