Essay about Women During The Hunter Gathering Era

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Society has always suppressed women. Expanding from the end of the hunter-gathering era, women slowly started to lose the little social influence they possessed. It has been a struggle for women to gain power, let alone respect. Equality between both genders is quite rare. It has become a universal social construct that males are the dominant race. In fact, societies have been built where males have most, if not, total power compared to their female counterparts. Although there have been a handful of female rulers, there has never been a constant female domination. If females did have any type of power, it was through a male superiority complex. After hunter-gathering societies evolved into agricultural societies, women started to become affected in various ways, and were being judged and treated like objects. In ancient societies, if we go back in ancient time, we can see that most of the women had to be elites to gain any form of power, and the power that was gained was restricted due to male ties. Most of the women who tried to gain power never ended up having a successful outcome with the exception of the few such as Hatshepsut and Cleopatra. Women in society have overcome many obstacles that have been put in front of them. In ancient time, it was hard for women to have any power. From what is known, they had minimal roles in society; including domestic roles such as household chores, and most importantly, childbearing. In hunter gathering societies, women had the…

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