Women During The Great Depression Essay

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Throughput this course we have examined numerous and substantial events in our nation’s history, and how it impacted the lives of women. This essay where examine the effect of two significant events, the depression and WWII, and the effect they had on woman. It will then focus on the lasting, if any, effects these events have had on the role of women in our nation. Finally, it examine whether or not these events radically changed women’s lives, or if women’s lives stayed the same throughout these events. The first event that strongly effect women during this time period was the Great Depression in the 1930’s. What it so interesting about the great depression, is that it had both a negative and positive effect on the women in the country. On the negative side, the depression and the hardships that fell on the country during it, halted a lot of the advances women had made in the 1920’s and saw the country fall back on traditional values. A woman’s place was once again expected to be at her home caring for her husband and children. Laws were even passed, stating that only one member of each family could obtain a federal job, and that married women couldn’t work at all. In class, we learned that 85% of Americans during this time did not even believe women should be working. This was a huge step back for women who had made so much progress just a few years earlier. Thus, one can see how the depression halted the progress that women had been making in the previous decade. Yet,…

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