Essay on Women During The Elizabethan Era

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This play dates back to the Elizabethan era, a time when men and women lived in a patriarchal society. Under those circumstances, men were molded by traditional beliefs; their loyalty and their social ranking depended on honor, comradeship, and authority over women. Because men were viewed as the better sex, it was thought that women needed to be protected by men their entire life. In the case that a woman was unwed, the father, brother or another male relative was to care for her until a male companion showed up. Women were subservient to men; men were the leaders and women their subordinates. For instance, once married, men played the provider role for the woman and family; they provided the home, property, food, money, etc. Women were the caretakers, providing upkeep and support for the house, and the family (Sharnette, 1998-2014). Every woman had a role at the time, and their role in society depended on their ranking in society and marital status; a table below lists out the roles:

Table 1
Women’s roles in Elizabethan era, based on social status

• Wealthy women were allowed education
• Wealthy women were tutored at home
• They were taught in Latin, Italian, Greek and French
• Dancing and Music skills were essential
Women were not allowed to go to university

Middle Class/Poor
• Did not attend school
• Did not receive formal education
• Had to learn to govern a household
• Had to become skilled in housewife duties
• Learned only what needed to be…

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