Essay about Women During The Early Nineteenth Century

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Throughout history, women have been oppressed in comparison to men. Women were seen as emotional beings, whose job was to take care of the home and children. As time moved on men gained more rights and power, such as getting formal educations and getting the right to vote, while women were in a stalemate. Seth Rockman, author of the book Scraping By, provides evidence that helps support the idea that women were unable to get ahead in Balitimore. In the early nineteenth century, working women were faced with boundaries that restricted them from prospering and getting ahead. It is human nature to want to be able to live a successful life: having a job is a main component that leads to a successful life. During the early nineteenth century, it “was unlikely [for women] to find a job” no matter how skilled or intelligent a woman was (Rockman 100). Jobs that needed employees were taken by men. Men were seen as more skilled than women and could work harder. Women who could not find jobs were stuck at home taking care of the house, “washing, feeding, sheltering, and provisioning necessary for any port to function” (Rockman 101). The multitude of women looking for a job were in for trouble, as there were not enough jobs to go around. Baltimore employers seized the opportunity in front of them, they lowered wages and “[treated] diverse female workers as interchangeable” (Rockman 102). The employers could swap females in and out as they pleased, in addition, they “regularly imagined…

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