Women During The Civil War Essay

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Women In War The coming of the Civil War challenged women to take a step out of their comfort zone in their homes to the outside world. The war pushed women to take over men 's jobs when they had to leave for war. Women were a huge part of history in war even though they were restricted from combat; some disguised themselves as men. They no longer need to disguise themselves in order to fight because of the 1994 DOD Combat Exclusion Policy was lifted. Women 's roles changed dramatically throughout history and have made many contributions to various wars.
Women In War
Women did many things for the Revolutionary war some traditional others unconventional. They were nurses, cooks, maids, secret soldiers, and spies. There was less of a need for nurses towards the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Most of the nurses were wives, daughters, and mothers of the men who went off to fight for war. “Nurses received 0.24 cents a day plus one full food ration.” (“The roles of women” February 21, 2013, sec. Nurses para. 2) “Female nurses would do custodial work, feeding and bathing patients, emptying chamber pots, cleaning the hospital, and cooking.” (“The roles of women” February 21, 2013, sec. Nurses para. 3) The American army recruited female soldiers to fill jobs as cooks and maids. Most were well fit for the job because they were poor housewives, mothers, and daughters. Women were not allowed to join the Revolutionary war but that did not stop them; they would disguise themselves…

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