Women During The 1970 ' S Essays

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My paper is going to be about how women were depicted in the 1970’s to the present. I plan to compare and contrast the 1970’s to the present day by using articles that depict a woman’s image. I think the 1970’s was a changing point for women. In the 1970’s, the women’s movement gave women freedom, independence, and equality. I think women in the 1970’s were depicted as submissive, dependent, and judged by appearance. My first article explains the depiction of women in Iranian cinema from the 1970’s to the present. Iranian women were portrayed as invisible, desexualized, and submissive in the war film genre. In 1979, Islamic Revolution eliminated women’s visual sexual commercialization from the public and movie industry. But, it made women invisible in the movies and if they were visible, they had to depict a good Muslim woman. For decades, only about two female characters would appear in a film. In the 1990’s, women’s cinema/productions have challenged patriarchy in the film industry. Female identity constructed by cultural and religious traditions has also been critically questioned. In 2005, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, a female filmmaker released an independent, visible, and outspoken woman protagonist in the film called “Gilane”. Iranian government still continues to push women back into seclusion and depict them in gender-specific professions. Iranian women still continue their quest for equality. Women directors and producers have transformed a women’s place in film from…

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