Women During The 1920 ' S Essay

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During the 1920’s, the image of women had a negative connotation, which is demonstrated throughout The Great Gatsby. The three main female characters in the novel were Daisy, Myrtle, and Jordan. Each of these characters portray how life was for women, what their roles were during this time period, and how women were portrayed. In the novel, women are seen as shallow individuals, untrustworthy, selfish, foolish, and materialistic. In addition, the men in the novel are shown as dominant over the women since the men are working to gain things such as money and materialistic items for women. The American Dream was a crucial aspect during the 1920’s and this is what motivated the women to act the way they did in this time era. Women did not get respect from men in this novel and would not do anything about it. This portrayal of women is true from my understanding of women in this era in some aspects such as the clothing being worn like flappers. Also, men were more superior to women in this time period because around the 1920’s is where women had the right to vote. This shows how women were belittled compared to men. This is demonstrated throughout The Great Gatsby. Women are illustrated as greedy and selfish individuals that have roles to accompany a man solely for the wealth. In the novel, the women were portrayed as solely driven by money. Wealth was everything to them because of the influence of the American Dream. The American Dream during this time era which was that any…

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