Women During Sports : Deprived Of Their Equal Rights Essay

1111 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Women in Sports: Deprived of their Equal Rights to Play Generally, as a woman, it is proven that earning rights and the appropriate opportunities has been far more difficult than a man. Ever since sports were introduced for men to play, for women, there have been changes within the coverage through the media, stereotypes, and gender equalities. Of course, the equality of women through sport has changed over time, but there are still unequal opportunities for women to this day. Media coverage for women consist of televising the Olympics, Women’s FIFA World Cup, as well as tennis and curling; whereas for men, each sport played is televised. This also ties in, regarding the stereotypes, for women who play sports or have played; the stereotypes are extensive, far enough to the point where men insult one another, due to the lack of their expected ability, by comparing a woman’s skill. This leads to gender equalities and inequalities for both male and females in sports; without the equalities, one gender will feel the neglection over the other. Nevertheless, both genders—mainly females—deserve their equal opportunities in order to prevent indifferences, but encourage mutual agreements. The purpose of an interview for an athlete is for the publicity—whether the athlete is answering questions about themselves or being questioned about their recent performance. Compared to men, women are not being covered on television fairly, in fact women are only being covered on…

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